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Voles and Mice

Voles & Mice: How To Have A Vole-Free Garden. 
An Organic Solution That Works! See The Recipe Below!

Are Voles Damaging Your Garden?

Here's how New Hampshire Hostas' grower, Richard Merritt, uses an environmentally-friendly organic solution to prevent those pesky critters from destroying his extensive hosta gardens and lawn.

The Recipe For Organic Vole & Mouse Control

Large Area Applications Using A Hose-End Sprayer

  • 1 Cup of Castor Oil (DO NOT USE UNSCENTED CASTOR OIL!)
  • We buy our Castor Oil from Shay and Company but you can also find it on Amazon.
  • 4 Oz Dish Detergent


Add the mixture to the jar of the hose end sprayer. Then fill the jar with water. Attach to your hose and thoroughly water every location that you want to deter the pests from. If your hose-end sprayer has a dial, set it to the highest setting.

Small Area Application Using A Watering Can

  • We buy our Castor Oil fromShay and Company but you can also find it on Amazon.
  • 1 TBSP Dish Detergent

Add this mixture to 1 gallon of water and thoroughly water the area to be protected.

How To Apply The Organic Vole Control
You want to water the ground, not spray it. You should thoroughly wet the soil so that the mixture penetrates a few inches into the soil. It is hard to say how much lawn and garden area the solution will cover. You just want to make sure you get the mixture into the soil.

You Do Not Have To Re-Apply After A Rain
You may want to re-apply in spring if you have damage during the growing season. Some people do and some don't. Mostly vole and mole damage is just a winter issue as the pests are desperate for a food source.

When To Apply The Organic Vole Control
You want to apply the mixture before the ground freezes and after you have cleaned away all the leaves from your garden. This is typically after a few frosts. You can apply the castor oil mixture year round as it does not harm plants. 

This Castor Oil solution is organic and will not harm wildlife or pets. It just makes those garden pests move out of your gardens!

"Using this organic solution on our hosta beds, we had zero damage last winter, 
which is quite remarkable." 
Richard Merritt, New Hampshire Hostas

Remember! Voles & Mice Will Eat Wherever The Solution Is NOT Applied! mouse-trap-1-.jpg

You will also want to set mouse traps throughout your gardens to evaluate your problem.

If you are catching them daily then you know you have an infestation and need to keep trapping until you're not catching them regularly. In the picture, you can see that we put a mouse trap into a 4" diameter PVC pipe that we cut into 10" long pieces. The PVC pipe keeps pets and birds from getting into the trap and also makes the vermin feel safe. We bait our traps with sunflower seeds but you could also use peanut butter although this will attract dogs so you may not want to use it.