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Hosta Videos

Growing Hostas - Videos & Tips For Healthy Hostas

A Spectacular Way To Use Hostas In Your Gardenvideo-hosta-garden.gif

Take a video tour of a hosta garden with over 1,000 hosta varieties. Landscaped with rhododendrons, Japanese Maples and more.

Giant Hostas - When Size Mattersvideo-giant-hosta.gif

Take a video tour of giant hostas in our gardens at New Hampshire Hostas. Meet New Hampshire Hostas owner, Richard Merritt. Richard talks about giant hostas and how to use them in the garden. Richard also shares tips on the watering and soil needs for giant hostas.

Container Hosta Gardening video-container-hosta.jpg

Join New Hampshire Hostas owner Richard Merritt as he answers a customer's question on dividing the hostas that she's been growing outside in decorative containers. Tips on when to divide hostas, what type of potting soil and compost to use, drainage for your pot, storing your container in winter.

How To Use Mini Hostas In Your Garden video-little-hostas.jpg

Join New Hampshire Hostas manager P.J. Beaulier in a "show-and-tell" of hosta ideas. From landscaping with little hostas to growing little hostas in containers, P.J. shows you the joy of gardening with little hostas.