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Add Instant Impact To Your Summer Garden With Our Fascinating Hosta Varieties

Summertime Is Perfect For Planting Hostas!

This Week Hosta Series

Welcome to our series on what's happening in our hosta garden.

In this interactive series, owner and horticulturist Richard Merritt will show you how to create a hosta garden around a shed, from preparing the soil to planting the hostas and watching them grow. Along the way, Richard will talk about timely topics in the gardening world and answer the questions you have now about hosta gardening.

Do you have a question about hosta gardening that you'd like answered? Comments about our videos or our birding adventures? We'd appreciate your feedback and suggestions on what topics that you like us to cover. Please visit us on Facebook and tell us what you'd like us to address!


Fall Hosta Garden Clean Up 101

Find out what the optimum time is to clean your Hosta Garden in the Fall. How to protect your Hosta crowns during the winter from freezing temps and thieving voles.

Early August

Fragrant hostas are summer's sweet reward to gardeners. See our collection!

For those of you in the southern states that struggle with your hostas in the summer heat, the fragrant hostas perform better than other types in the heat. For the northern states, the fragrant hostas tend to perform better in the sun than other types.


Hardy ferns and how to use them in your garden. The difference in texture, form and contrast. Introducing Godzilla, a 36 inch Japanese painted fern.

Second Week of July

Take a tour of understory trees – trees that have plants growing under their canopy of leaves and branches. Interesting trees to use in your garden include a pink and green Japanese maple. Learn a trick with burlap to stop a newly seeded area from washing out.

First Week of July

The hostas in this video are truly magnificent! Features: The garden shed is up and Richard details his plans for a stone border. Learn why a $500 hole for a $50 tree makes the tree grow faster and stronger. Take a tour of our gardens - just lovely!

First Week of May

Richard introduces our garden shed project and gives you tips on container planting, when to apply slug preventatives and the best way to attract orioles.  Take a peek into our hosta greenhouses, too!