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Displays the size of the starter plants that NH Hosta sells.

Hosta Starter/Elle Plant Plugs

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An economical way to grow your hosta garden.

Starter/Elle Hosta Plant Plugs are the hostas that are supplied to retail/growers such as New Hampshire Hostas by tissue culture/wholesale growers. Hosta Starter/Elle Plugs are available in 35mm and 65mm sizes. The 35mm starter plugs are small but are an economical way to add new hostas to your garden. The 65mm starter plugs are decent in size and have nice root systems. The starter plant plugs are approximately 1 year younger than their larger pot-sized counterparts and are just as easy to plant and grow. See the size of the hostas that we sell!ย 

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Some of our starter plugs are not available until spring. If you purchase a starter plug that is not available until a certain date, then your whole order will ship when the starter plug is available. We are unable to send multiple shipments for one order due to high shipping costs.

Hosta Starter/Elle Plugs are priced per plant. The Starter and Elle Plugs are not available to ship until April 2024!

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