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Tips For Success Growing Hosta


A Quick Guide On What Hostas Need To Grow Their Best

Hostas are the most popular herbaceous perennial in the world and for good reason. Hostas make an impact in the garden from the time they emerge in spring until they go dormant in fall. Hostas also have very few issues and are very easy to grow. With this being said, hostas will perform their best when given the proper growing conditions.

The 3 essentials each hosta needs to grow healthy, happy and beautiful:

Diffused Light: Shade from the canopy of trees

Organic Matter: living organisms, fresh residues and molecules derived from well-decomposed residues

  • As organic matter is decomposed, nutrients are converted into forms that plants can use directly.
  • Incorporate organic matter into your existing soil.
  • Examples of organic matter are compost, peat moss, leaf mold, animal manures.
  • Hostas also benefit from a fertile soil that has good aeration.
  • A porous soil allows water to enter easily and provides oxygen to the roots.
  • Incorporate large chunks of aged bark for better aeration.
  • Yes, mulch and fertilizer do matter to your hosta plants.

Water: It is the source of all life

Hostas are easy to care for perennials that will reward you with color for years.

Plant your hosta in the correct location in good rich soil and keep it well watered.ย  You'll be dazzled with how well this dependable, versatile perennial performs!

Hostas are incredibly versatile!
These perennials can brighten any garden with endless variations of colors, sizes and shapes. They're extremely hardy, require very little maintenance and, best of all, hostas are shade tolerant!

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