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Companion Plants

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Our companion plants for hostas grow under the similar low light and higher moisture conditions that hostas like. We all love our hostas but adding other companion plants for color and foliage contrast can make the shade garden shine. The majority of our companion plants are grown in 65mm Elle Plugs and are only available in spring. Once they sell out they are gone for the season so don't miss out on adding some beautiful perennials to your garden.

Heuchera and Heucherella are very popular perennials that come in a rainbow of colors. These bright colors offer some pop in the shade garden and contrast nicely with the foliage of hostas. Heuchera and Heucherella are easy to grow perennials that fit nicely in the front of the garden or in containers.

Somehow I feel that Pulmonaria are still an under appreciated perennial. They offer bright colored flowers in shades of pink, blue and purple in early spring. After the flowers pass a new flush of green leaves with silver spots adorns the garden for the rest of the season. Just like Hosta, Pulmonaria offer season long color in the garden but unlike Hosta, Deer and Rabbits do not touch the Pulmonaria.

Brunnera are very popular and for good reasons. Most Brunnera on the market offer green foliage with a silver overlay that offers season long color. You will love the baby blue, forget-me-not like flowers in spring. Brunnera are easy to grow and the deer don't touch them.

Do you grow Tiarella? If not, what are you waiting for? Tiarella are easily one of my favorite perennials for the border of the garden. They can be grown anywhere that dappled to full shade can be provided and compliment the hostas beautifully. With their shade tolerance, attractive leaves and flowering prowess, Tiarella belong in every shade garden.

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